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Major General Georgios Rahmanidis

Dear Members of the National Commissions,

The year 2021 coincides with the bicentenary of the Hellenic War of Independence which constituted the culmination of a wave of national revolutions and resulted in the establishment of the modern Hellenic State.

The entire country and the sizeable Hellenic diaspora celebrate this milestone of European history with a wide range of memorable events. In this context, the Hellenic Commission of Military History has the honour to host the XLVI International Congress of Military History, which is to be held in Athens from 29th August to 3rd September 2021.

The main theme of the Congress is “Independence Wars since the XVIII Century”.

The Hellenic National Defense General Staff is proudly and fully committed to providing effective support to the success of this prestigious Congress following the guidelines of the ICMH.

The XLVI International Congress of Military History aspires to make an original contribution to the historical framework, the causes of Independence Wars, their relationship with strategic theory and the road to their victory or defeat. All scholarly facets of the historical phenomenon of Independence Wars will be touched upon in an innovative, interdisciplinary manner.

We would like to assure you that the forthcoming event will set a standard for future ICMH congresses, which will utilize and expand gained experience. It will also offer you, thanks to the cultural program of parallel events, a wide view of the strengths and accomplishments of Hellenism throughout history.

We are looking forward to your participation in the XLVI International Congress of Military History.


Major General Georgios Rachmanidis
President of the Hellenic Commission of Military History