“Independence Wars since the XVIII Century”

The year 2021 is the 200th anniversary of the Hellenic War of Independence which resulted in the establishment of an independent Hellenic State.


The Congress will invite all participants to discuss the following, but not exclusive, sub-topics:

  1. Nationalism, the self-determination concept and the birth of new States.
  2. Causes and results of independence wars. The interrelation of revolutionary warfare in the society, economy, diplomacy, culture and religious beliefs.
  3. Strategic theory and wars of independence.
  4. Wars of independence, the road to victory and major battles.
  5. Insurgency, counterinsurgency and the transformation of revolutionary armies.
  6. The influence of national identity in the selection and formation of civil-military alliances during national liberation struggles.
  7. The shaping of national military strategies combining the local resources and the geopolitical balance of power.
  8. Women and underage in revolutionary warfare.
  9. The Age of Revolution: the rise of nation-States and the societies’ evolution.
  10. Wars of independence in the Balkans and in the Middle East before and after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
  11. Wars of independence in the era of the Cold War and its aftermath.